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Welcome to my game design portfolio! I'm a passionate Dutch game designer who thrives on tackling every aspect
of the game development process. With a versatile skill set, I specialize in various programs, including Adobe, Maya,
Blender, Unity, Unreal, Ableton, and FL Studio. Whether it's designing games, creating captivating web experiences,
crafting immersive 3D art, or perfecting video editing, I am always eager to dive into new creative endeavors.
I approach each project with an insatiable desire for perfection, continuously refining my work until it achieves the
highest level of excellence. I particularly enjoy developing horror games with minimal UI, where simplicity reigns in control schemes.
My unique design approach revolves around guiding players without relying on direct messages or dialogue, allowing for an immersive
and intuitive gaming experience. Additionally, I find great fulfillment in creating narrative-driven games that captivate and inspire players.

Join me on this journey as we explore the boundaries of game design, pushing the limits of creativity and crafting unforgettable
gaming experiences.